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View Diary: Congressional Race Ratings (7 April 2012) (66 comments)

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    It seems quite a few of the knowledgeable Hoosiers here have been relatively pessimistic about this seat.

    All the usual Republican leaning websites Cook, Sabato etc always have this seat Likely R.  

    I have it as a Toss-Up on my spreadsheet also - based on the Obama numbers and Brendan Mullen.  But there is always a lot of negativity about this seat

    Interested to know how you also arrived at Toss-Up rather than Likely R that others have it as.

    Do you have AZ-01 and AZ-02 as Lean Dem ?

    Other than that you seem a bit too optimistic on John Barrow... I would have thought they did a pretty good job of gerrymandering him out, even with presidential year turnout.

    And I agree with the above Cheri Bustos deserves Lean Dem !

    Australian. Democrat in spirit. 30 years old.

    by CF of Aus on Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 05:39:25 AM PDT

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