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View Diary: Derbyshire and the Right's Delusion Over Race (14 comments)

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  •  RW already making Derbster the victim of the (6+ / 0-)

    Big Mean Left because we all know the African American is the real racist in all of this.  Derbster was an entertainer,  just like Rush and like Rush, he pushes the envelope of social acceptability. (Given that Derb thinks a sophisticated mind comes from adult sex with nubile teens, I can't wait to see Rush's ideas on sex with young people or maybe I can on second thought)

    This latest broadside is just an example of his acerbic wit and shows that his critics are dull clods who are incapable of appreciating his rapier-like wit. (now who is the elite?  But then Buckley was always a snob and would not like the current crew crashing in his old digs)

    He observed the testimony by many African American families about how they are instructing their sons to act in situations where they are in majority society following the Trayvon killing.  Derb saw these and recognized comedy gold.  Nothing like an African American youth gunned down to start the satiric juices to flowing and so he merely substituted White for African American because the African American experience is so "equivalent" to the Euro American experience.  (African Americans should just learn to overlook that slavery and Jim Crow thing since whites have long ago moved on)

    Unbeknownst to Derb, the real racists in this narrative, the African Americans struck back in their usual intolerant way and protested what he did when they were doing the same precise thing (and while we are at it why can African Americans use the "N" word while whites can"t?)

    Derb's columns are really performance art,  I mean otherwise he would be a mean spirited, misogynistic, racist piece of work an complete unrepentant wanker and no one on the RW is that now are they?      

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