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  •  I had a similar experience (13+ / 0-)

    The case involved drunk driving (along with other druggy substances).  I was hit by a drunk driver as a teenager and involved with SADD.  The arresting officer was an acquaintance I knew socially.  We went to some of the same parties, and I bumped into him in the courthouse and said "hi" just before the jury selection.  When asked if I could be objective, I replied along the lines of: "I think I could, but I've never been on a jury before so heck if I know."  The defense attorney should have kicked me to the curb for cause, but didn't.

    The officer laughed when he saw I was on the jury.  

    Ultimately, I was chosen as the jury alternate.  At first I was bummed, but then I found out it could actually be pretty cool.  Both attorneys came to me while the jury was deliberating and asked me how they did.  I was an exit poll of one.  :)  It turns out that the case had been tried previously and there was a hung jury before because the scientific evidence for the "other druggy substances" was overwhelming to some of the jurors.  My occupation and technical background trumped everything else.  

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