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  •  The first interaction I had with Julie was when (18+ / 0-)

    she was posting her beautiful photos. Starting with the birds and nature. I went to her website, and noticed that she was posting nearly full size photos as examples. I messaged her and suggested she protect her photos from copying because she was trying to sell them. She responded that the ones for sale were of the highest quality, and the ones she posted weren't. That if someone felt it necessary to copy the lower quality without paying, it was of no concern to her. It was the high quality print she was selling. That struck me. That she wasn't interested in just making big bucks, but that she was sure that people who wanted full quality would be willing to pay for it.

    We've discussed Pentax cameras, as that's what she was using for her photography, and I had an older Pentax 35mm and was looking to upgrade to DSLR. Her advice helped me purchase the one I have now.

    And her light photos are amazing. My son remembers few Kossacks by name when I tell him stories of this person or that person, but I had shown him her light photos, when I told him last night that she had passed, he asked: "The lady that does those cool pictures with the light? Oh no!"

    Julie will be missed. She is already missed, as her diaries had been fewer over the last months. This is a sad day.

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    by second gen on Mon Apr 09, 2012 at 08:24:45 AM PDT

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