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  •  Remember this diary, (0+ / 0-)

    Now add this,

    Or just maybe this is just too depressing.

    We're finished. As Morris Berman says, we won't recognize our country in twenty years. I still enjoy reading political sites and Kos is one of the better ones as far as I'm concerned.

    But I read for pleasure, not because I think anything will change. I read poetry for the same reason. Wallace Stevens is one of my favorites. So is Ezra Pound. And Poe.

    •  If the actuarial tables are correct,... (0+ / 0-)

      ...I'll be dead long before 20 years gets here. So please let me apologize now for what I've contributed to my generation's irresponsibility. But perhaps I can offer some useful advice: Try to have as much fun as you can. Life is too short to spend it fearing tomorrow. Just clean up your mess before you leave.

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