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    I have been as sick as anyone with fibromyalgia. So sick in fact that I contemplated and then planned to end my life. I had to find a way out or I could not go on.

    I have the greatest respect for the thousands that suffer from this "invisible" illness. I am simply offering my story with no judgement other than to say that sometimes the docs are wrong and getting fit can make you better.

    I have a strong will and I pushed through some really horrible pain to get where I am today. I still have some really bad days, but they are few and far between which is a far cry from the days when I could hardly walk without crying out in pain.

    I will continue to tell my story with the hope that it might be a viable alternative to what I saw as a fate far worse than death.

    The concept of just do it has helped me through some tough times and again I offer it only as my story not as a judgment.


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