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View Diary: Rick Warren not a fan of this whole Jesus thing (205 comments)

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  •  I think Hunter was getting close to understanding (6+ / 0-)

    at the end there.  Warren is simply following the Biblical principle of "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

    Oh, except that's not in the Bible.  In the Bible, Jesus feeds a hungry multitude with a basket of fish and bread.  He just hands it out to everybody who wants it, without regard for how he was creating disincentives and dependency!

    Kind of like how he handed out free health care, healing the sick and casting out demons and even raising the dead.  The Gospels don't say anything about him sending his patients a bill.  But maybe the apostles handled that.  Maybe that's what they were there for: the paperwork.

    And then there was all that stuff about how a rich man can't get into heaven and "take thy riches and give them to the poor" and "resist not evil."  Goddamn dirty hippie.

    I don't remember Jesus solving anybody's problem by giving him a job.  In fact, he invited some people to quit their jobs and "wander the Earth," like the Kung Fu guy, or Jules.

    But somehow this long-haired commie freak is called on in defense of modern American conservatism.  If he were alive today, apparently, he would be a go-getter in a business suit, creating jobs and wealth and making sure nobody was dependent on hand-outs.

    How twisted and contorted must Rick Warren's brain be inside his aching skull.  To have to sit down every day and take the raw material of the Gospel of Jesus and mold it into a celebration of 21st century Republican-style capitalism!  It must be exhausting.

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