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    Congress is responsible for economic policy. They pass the legislation that defines the parameters for the economy.

    Our national policy is to ship wealth-producing jobs overseas and hold down wages. We've been so successful with this policy that people are making literally one-half what they should be, based on productivity increases over the last forty years. Employment rates are a fraction what they would be with decent trade policy. The economic course, set by the Reagan Administration and only tweaked slightly in the intervening years, has impoverished the country.

    Neither the Obama Administration nor the Republicans in the various incarnations have proposed anything that would lead to real job growth. The formula for job growth is simple, but painfully difficult to get through the purchased crowd on Capitol Hill. Make and enforce an international minimum wage. Set uniform tariffs of 10% or more. Tax the upper 1% according to their wealth. Stop spending two to three times what's needed for the military. Put a publicly-funded healthcare system in place and limit it to 15% of GDP. Transfer money from guns to butter, and draw potential military opponents into alliances.

    This isn't rocket science. But frankly rocket science would help. We should have a robust space program if for nothing else than to have leadership in an area capable of driving the economy. In other words, we need to show leadership, instead of trying to finesse our way out of our hardships.

    Where's the vision that Americans are so famous for? Where's the future? Where's the friggin' hope?

    I'm not seeing it in the public discussion. These people are all too busy fighting the last war.

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