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    Jesus said on judgement day the people will be separated like sheep from the goats, and the Lord said that those who cared for the poor, visited people in prisons, cared for the sick and helpless, will be welcomed into heaven. He said that the  "goats" will be sent to eternal torment because they didn't care about the unfortunate among us. It is interesting that these Mega Church leaders (I cannot call them pastors since they build such huge churches that they can't identify most of the members, except for the wealthy donors who assure that these leaders will live in luxury!) seem only to preach that if you follow the "Law of God" as they interpret it and give their ministries huge donations you will be rewarded with prosperity in this world and with heaven in the next! That the reason people are in need is that they are lazy and "waste their money" because they use it to feed their families instead of giving it to these "religious" leaders!

    These religious "leaders" who build larger and larger empires for themselves and become wealthier and wealthier (because they claim they should be highly paid for doing "God's Work") have forgotten that Our Lord taught that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich person to get into heaven!

    It is a shame that these talented people have turned the teachings of Our Lord into teachings that are closer to the teachings of the Pharisees who believed that only those who followed the "law" as found in the Old Testament would go to heaven. Christ condemned the Pharisees and He will condemn religious leaders to teach false doctrines of hate like Warren, Dobson, Robertson, and the rest of that crowd!

    They are giving Our Lord a bad name. They are a corrupt as the Papacy was in 1517! We need a new Reformation to return the Church to the true teachings of Our Lord.  

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