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View Diary: Keeping 1 percent values out of a 99 percent movement (9 comments)

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  •  It seems like Occupy Oakland is hitting (8+ / 0-)

    its Animal Farm moment.

    Occupy Wall Street needs to have a  handful of demands, articulate them on a national level, and quit wasting time and energy on turf wars with the cops.

    This will take leaders and political bedfellows. What the movement uniquely has in terms of attention and numbers it has given back in terms of political maturity. It will also take disavowing the self-styled revolutionary idiots that appear to be ascendant  in Oakland.

    It is fascinating to watch this play out but frustrating too. What OWS achieved in a number of weeks took years for the anti-Viet Nam war protesters to attain. With the right moves real change will come out of this. The wrong moves will help elect Mitt Romney.

    •  They had a year for it. Since it hasn't (1+ / 0-)
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      happened yet, it won't at all with the current incarnation of the movement. And I don't see how they couldn't predict that FTP marches will involve smashing random stuff.

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