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    So there's this country.  They had a President who won the 2000 election, and then became increasingly unpopular with hints of corruption in his party (I'll call this Party A from now on), who then barely held on to win re-election in 2004.  Massive corruption then dogged his party, even though the biggest TV station in the country openly shills for his party, and says outright lies about the other party, which is represented by the color blue (which I'll call Party B from now on).  People in Party B want him investigated for crimes and crony capitalism against the country.

    Then in 2008, a charismatic figure emerged as the new opposition candidate for Party B, campaigning on a platform of change.  He's a family man who's married with two daughters.  After a failed attempt in politics, he went back to academia, but a short while later, took on the incumbent in his own party for a local seat, and won.  While he wasn't born on the mainland, he was attacked by certain people from Party A claiming he lied about where he was really born and that he was ineligible to be President.

    Because of term limits, the increasingly unpopular President couldn't run for a third term anyway.  The person who emerged from Party A as the new candidate said "[our country's] future will be in danger" if the candidate from Party B was elected.  The Party B candidate was also criticized from the left by the Green Party, which said he wasn't good enough on environmental issues.

    But the opposition figure from Party B ended up winning the 2008 election pretty easily, turning many districts blue, and gaining a huge majority in the legislative branch at the same time.  Still, things didn't go as well as he had hoped, as the global economic crisis didn't spare his country either.  Unemployment rates rose, companies shut down, the stock market crashed, and citizens worried the country might fall into default.

    So the new President, just having been inaugurated a few months earlier, pushed through a big stimulus package that was a mixture of infrastructure projects, incentives for small businesses, and tax cuts.  However, the economy didn't pick up as quickly as they would've liked, and he and his party were blamed for it.  In the next legislative elections, his party lost dozens of seats and their majority.

    As for the President, running for re-election in 2012, he was met with the same attacks of how his re-election would cause the country to be destroyed from outside forces seeking to take them over.  His 2012 opponent came from the top 1% in this country, an Ivy League graduate, who pushed a more belligerent foreign policy against other countries, while the President stressed the need for cooperation with other countries.

    Oh yeah, there's also this other politician from Party B who's run for President before.  But after losing his own party's primary, he actually split off and formed his own political party, and now just royally pisses off supporters of Party B.

    So... what country am I talking about?

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