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View Diary: Digging into the real story behind Rush Limbaugh's Philadelphia station move (133 comments)

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  •  Rush is slowly becomming unhinged (5+ / 0-)
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    I'm not sure that his long-term prescription drug use isn't actually getting to him. I've listened to him for years, not for any long period of time (nauseating) but in snips, just to figure out his appeal and "edge." He always pretty much knew where he was going; his wit was actually good, and he knew how to grab buzz words and fire up his "ditto-heads."

    This last battle with Sandra Fluke was totally different. It was like he was narrating his wet dream on air, and when it began to go sour for him, he actually just kept it up. That stuff about "the more sex you have the more birth control you need" was so off-the-wall you'd expect his producer to give him a high sign. Instead he just kept on. I had this visual image of guys on the other side of the glass scratching their heads, but with his financial power they probably couldn't dare tell the emperor he had no clothes on.

    I am truly wondering if he hasn't gone off the edge like Beck--convenient clowns for the money boys until they become dangerous.

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