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View Diary: Paul Ryan: I'm 'using my Catholic faith' to hate the poor (143 comments)

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  •  I really dislike... (2+ / 0-)
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    ... how Ryan has perverted the Catholic faith for his own Randian agenda.

    I am Catholic, and one of the first things we're taught about society is SOCIAL JUSTICE. We read the bible at Mass and we learn lessons about caring for the poor, the elderly, the sick. We PRAY FOR THEM that they may find justice, provide support and programs to help them, and hopefully vote in politicians who support and will introduce legislation to help "the least among us."

    Ryan has admitted that he is a HUGE follower of Ayn Rand - that he makes his staff read Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand is antithetical to Catholic teaching. Objectivism is about the self, and it centers the followers world around the followers self. Catholicism, when practiced to Christ's teachings, is geared towards turning one's self outward to others, to the least among us.

    I really REALLY REALLY hate that Ryan is "a face" to Catholicism and that people attribute his selfish and horrific attitudes to all Catholics. We are NOT like that.

    Had Christ practiced Objectivism - the rationalizing of one's actions to support one's selfish means (remember, Rand PROMOTED selfishness as a GOOD trait) - He would have never died on the cross. And this is something that Ryan doesn't get.

    Ryan is a disturbed, greedy, and selfish asshole. A perfect Randian.

    Oh hey, I'm adding this before I click post.

    Catholics have been an historically democratic voting block BECAUSE of our social justice teachings and leanings. I left the Church for other reasons and decided to come back nearly 2 decades later.

    It was not a church I remember and the laity were not what I remembered. Many have become "reicht wing" cruel. It has been co-opted.

    I then saw the documentary, "With God On Our Side" about the rise of the Christian right. I don't remember one pastor's name, but he FLAT OUT ADMITTED that they wanted the Catholic vote for republicans. And what did they use to "unite" Catholics to their side? The Abortion issue. It is a FLAT OUT ADMISSION that all they wanted was the Catholic vote. My own crazy "conspiracy theory" is that Gingrich only converted so he could have access to the USCCCB. And I've seen the change from having been away to coming back.

    This makes me furious. FURIOUS that the f'ing republicans would go to any length for votes.

    I'm sorry, I'm really trying not to drop the F-bomb. This affects me as a Catholic trying to be part of a Catholic community. I get derided for "supporting baby killers" simply because of how I vote. When that's not it. I get "judged" that I shouldn't receive communion because I "by my vote killed babies."

    UGH!!! Ok, I have to stop writing. I'm so angry. So furious about how Ryan, Boehner, and Gingrich wear their false and perverted sense of Catholicism and wicked rationalizations for the evil they do to people.

    •  I left Church over abrtion and contrcpetion, and (2+ / 0-)

      will never return. You are right the Catholic Church. I remember when it was about the poor and social justice but now it is a church of right wing thinking. I think that is because all of us liberals left the church.

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