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  •  ironic, isn't it, that it was the corporations (0+ / 0-)

    who introduced the Marxian economy.

    The Marxians wanted to eliminate private ownership of capital and replace it with collective ownership.  And indeed the corporations have done that--they are owned by no individual, but by a collective of stockholders.

    The Marxians wanted to separate ownership from management, and run the industries with elected representatives.  And in the corporation, the stockholder-owners elect a manager to run the company for them.

    The Marxians wanted to eliminate national borders establish an international economic structure.  And now the corporations have gone multi-national and global, and have made nation al governments and national borders irrelevant while governing themselves through their own international trade authorities who answer to no national government.

    Ironic, ain't it, that the very "free market" you worship has itself produced the economic structure that has done more to institute a socialist economy than the socialists themselves did.

    •  All you show (1+ / 0-)
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      is that you are eternally unable to understand 1) the difference between a market and a government; 2) the contrast between collective action and collectivist orders.

      FWIW, I worship no economic doctrine. I look at what works well or poorly. Given the various available tradeoffs, the nature of men, the continuum between liberty and slavery, I lean toward freer markets with good regulation. That's not what's called crony capitalism.

      Will freer markets eventually crash? They will, because that is the nature of the business cycle and of economics. Is there some arrangement of governmental dispensations that can eliminate that through central planning, price and wage controls, collective ownership, etc.? Not a snowball's chance in hell.

      Last—it is absolutely the case that there have been a great number of command economies set up, virtually all of which have brought misery to the human species. Has there ever been a seriously attempt at a genuinely free market system? Not really—because people such as yourself just can't keep from sticking their oar in. Too bad.

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