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View Diary: The Time I Got Busted by An Alabama State Trooper--- In Maryland (70 comments)

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    In 1972 I was nine years old but I remember the assassination attempt vividly because even at nine I followed politics.  As it would turn out years later I would work with the paramedic who shares a great deal of the credit for saving Wallace’s life that day; he only retired about two years ago after more than 36 years on the job.

    In 1972 paramedics were a new thing and he was one of the pioneers.  When the shooting occurred he was dispatched from Montgomery County (next door to Prince George’s County) as he was the closest Advanced Life Support (ALS) provider to the incident.  He managed to keep Wallace alive and get him to the hospital (Holy Cross in Silver Spring if I recall correctly).  This was also in the days before trauma centers so Wallace was delivered to the closest emergency room.  While luck wasn’t running in Wallace’s direction when he got shot he got his full measure of luck when Jon showed up and when the docs in the ER managed to stabilize him and keep him alive.  If it hadn’t been for Wallace's turn of luck having Jon arrive with on the scene with his ALS skills it is very unlikely that he would have ever had the opportunity to recant his racist rantings.

    Jon was actually formally recognized by the State of Alabama and made an honorary Colonel if I recall correctly.

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