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View Diary: Tennessee senate warns hand-holding is a 'gateway sexual activity' (239 comments)

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  •  Sex, the vicious gateway to vertebrate life (1+ / 0-)
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    Oh Mary Oh

    oh my gawd! this is so disgusting it wears me out trying not to think about it.
    death cult vs cult of life, is it any wonder the dominant method of human being is to follow the code of the cancer cell? greed is the greatest good, growth is it's own reward, gawd intends everybody who is not like me to die an early painful death, who cares if it takes me with? I go to a better place so life has no intrinsic meaning.
    These are values to die by, but are they worth dying for?
    Life is it's own value, the point is to be comunicable .. duh?
    DEATH CULT, the worship of anything but actually living, in the name of a dead god who fixates on dying so much that he incarnated himself so that he could kill himself. Transcend life so that you mmay make the other fellow do the dying
    what were we talking about again?
    holding hands is what gay Muslims do, it must be vewy vewy wong

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