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    parryander, NonnyO, Sister Havana

    I had to let one of my cats go last month; she was almost 18. Like you I carried that little seed of grief within me almost from the moment we brought her and her sister home as three-month-old kittens. Love at first sight, almost--and with it the realization that we would eventually lose them. Her sister is still with us and is doing well for a very old lady, but....she is just that, a very old lady.

    Gosh, Parody was a cutie--no, a beauty!! I love the pic with the snow stuck to her fur. Remember all the joy and good times you had together, and the love you had for each other, which will surely live on forever in one way or another.

    Slowly my bitter memories of my Dolly's last days and her passing are receding, and I'm doing my best to remember those happy times, along with the knowledge that she had a very fine life for a cat that was born in a junkyard  with little hope of surviving her first year, and it sure sounds like Parody's situation was no different.  

    Remember your beautiful girl and be joyful!

    •  so sorry about Dolly. (3+ / 0-)
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      bdizz, NonnyO, Sister Havana

      we do try to make their lives as full as possible.

      the snow shot was a xmas card one year. She would get 'puffy' in the chilly weather. Cute as punch. You'd never really know how slender she was under all that hair.

      peace, and good memories of Dolly to you

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