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View Diary: James O'Keefe proves, again, voter fraud is a Republican stunt (42 comments)

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  •  But it's working... (0+ / 0-)

    it has 2,925 upvotes and 75 downvotes - bring this dialogue to youtube - downvote it. plz...This insulting hurtful bull.

    I worked the polls recently for a local special election and a Democratic pollworker was telling a Republican pollworker, "I've got no problem with requiring voter identification" and I told them both vehemently, "Well, I do! Because we don't have a voter FRAUD problem in this country. We have a voter DISENFRANCHISEMENT problem in this country." The fact is the Republicans are winning the debate by fabricating a mock problem and getting pushover Dems to placate them.

    I downvoted it and leaving a comment on youtube.

    On top of everything else, I feel truly hurt by this. A good-hearted man is just doing his civic responsibility and this young buffoon is trying to make the election official look bad. It reminds me of the Brooks Brothers Riot. These spoiled young buffoons managed to prevent an elected President (Al Gore) from being certified as such.

    Come on, people. Engage. Engage. Talking amongst ourselves accomplishes exactly NOTHING.

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