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  •  I'm saying that 50% of the zygote is foreign (2+ / 0-)
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    Marie, mamamedusa

    matter, the sperm, an invader. If you insist on an external impetus, the sperm is such an impetus.
    With many microparsites, the bulk of the parasite load comes primarily from insidethe host and is produced by the host, though the initial impetus is external, so if you wish to hold onto an assertion that there must be an external impetus, the sperm is such.

    More importantly, I see no reason to accept the Wikipedia definition. Cancer is definitely a parasite. There are other examples of endogenic parasites, medical literature is full of references, for example, to "parasitic twins". Such twins, from your perspective, come not from outside and are not a separate species and cannot be parasites, but medical literature disagrees.

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