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    about early pregnancy, though. It's amazing how effective the forced-birth propaganda has been at creating a particular visual narrative about pregnancy.

    I make a point of teaching my students two critically important pieces of information that tend to influence their perspectives on abortion. First, I make sure they know when in pregnancy most abortions take place. They need to know when, in precise weeks post-fertilization, most women in the US who have abortions have them.

    Then I make sure they encounter the best quality images I can find of embryos at that stage of development. I have found that students (college students! 20-22-year-olds!) have no idea how little an early embryo looks like a "person". They've only ever encountered the propaganda images used in anti-choice literature.

    Here's my favorite source of visual information for this:

    Human Embryo Atlas

    and here's my favorite specific image:

    Magic Space Baby

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