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View Diary: Manufacturing jobs haven't been declining for as long as you think (63 comments)

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    The following are factors that i believe needs to be considered to understand this drop in MFG jobs:

    1. China: Yes, they are the bull in the china store (couldn't resist the metaphor!)

    2. Electronics takes off: Electronics content increased dramatically over the last decade. It has 2 impact points -(a) manufacturing has consolidated in the SE Asia and China because it has a much more mature manufacturing ecosystem (b) Software content has replaced manufacturing and design jobs. Gone are the days where complex mechanical parts need to be manufacutured

    3. Convergence: I remember a lot of mechanical and entry level electronics products from my childhood. Most of those have been replaced by a newer machine that could do a lot more functions than earlier. Just take mobile phone - it replaces a phone, a camera, an organizer, portable video player, portable gaming device amongst  others

    4. Newer fields: Over the last few decades, every decade has seen an addition of a new manufacturing centric jobs area. The same cannot be said of the last decade or so - Green jobs has been sputtering with Wind and Solar energy not scaling as much as they could have.

    The govt response should be to breakdown problems at this level and come up with a blueprint for each of these points

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