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  •  In my undergraduate days (8+ / 0-)

    ... at a prestigious university, I took a class in digital logic. For some reason, however, the professor did not seem to like me much, and seemed to give me unreasonably low homework scores. (I was by two years the youngest student in the class, and there were many seniors and graduate students; some professors really discriminate there.)

    At the mid-term exam, the professor showed up late, and the tests were all still cold and wet (these were mimeographed tests, for those of you old enough to remember). Two weeks later, the professor came to class (20 minutes late) with all the exams in a big pile, but hadn't yet recorded the grades.

    Ten minutes later, we had all concluded that on one of the five 20-point questions, he'd done the problem wrong. One person had done it wrong the same way, and got 20 points. Nearly every one else in the room had done it right (identically), and got four or eight points off. I had sixteen points off. And he categorically refused to give me full credit for it.

    Sometimes, professors are just lazy jerks. Even, or maybe especially, the big-name professors.

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