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View Diary: Bush's Progressive Accomplisments (Or why your Lists of Obama's Accomplishments Don't Convince Me) (60 comments)

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  •  I provided (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:

    "an actual link"

    pointing you to a dailykos diary talking about the final legislation about to be signed by Peter Shumlin.

    I even mentioned that there is a youtube video of Peter Shumlin signing the bill.

    I got no response from you regarding that.

    You wanted proof that Vermont passed legislation repeatedly to me.

    •  I thought (0+ / 0-)

      you were talking about something else.

      I never even saw the diary you just linked to.

      why did you expect me to have commented on a diary i've never seen?

    •  if you are referring to (0+ / 0-)

      the discussion I think/thought you were referring to, your link said only that Vermont had set up exchanges and that it was hoped that it would lead to an eventual single-payer system there.

      at first I said you were correct and said so, then I realized your link only talked about exchanges and said so.

      that was the last I participated in that conversation.  If you posted other things later on, or something like that, then fine.

      That's awesome about Vermont, though!

      •  okay thank you :) (0+ / 0-)

        yes, i did post other things later on.  It was the "later on" things I expected a reply from and I wonder why you did not reply. I had a feeling you did not give my links legitimacy. But that was totally wrong of me to think. You do listen to other people's opinions and read carefully.

         I just wanted you to know that Vermont HAD passed legislation after all and there was a link (the one I just showed you that is geniune) that proves it.  

        Again, I apologize  for being hostile to you in my earlier comments on this diary. I will be more responsible in reading and forming opinions more thoughtfully.

        Your diary does make sense and expresses why some are feeling what they are feeling :)  

    •  arrgg (0+ / 0-)

      i think you did it to me again.

      the diary you just linked to is NOT single-payer heath care.
      it sets up a roadmap for it, but they haven't figured out important things like how to fund it and the law doesn't do anything like that.

      you keep tricking me.

      from the diary you just linked to:

      So, should everyone up and move to Vermont (snow and mud be damned)?  No so fast.  They haven't even figured out how they are going to finance the system yet. The whole thing could come crashing down in a year or two once there's a concrete proposal on the table as the legislation demands.

      Nor do they have permission from the Federal government to do most of what they want to do either. That will come at the earliest in 2014, and not until 2017 unless Congress can be convinced to change the PPACA to allow Vermont to get a waiver earlier than the 2017 date written into the health care law.

      In fact, according to Vermont State Senator Anthony Pollina:

          ... the proposal does not lock us into a single payer system at all... Green Mount Care, a single payer system, can only be implemented if certain requirements are met: there is a comprehensive coverage plan; we know the cost; we know how we will pay for it; The Federal government provides certain waivers and our Legislature votes to approve it...

      •  it is progressing well (0+ / 0-)

        that exchange grant I talked about was a key step.

        I did not talk about that exchange for nothing.

        That is the exchange that will become single payer.

        Peter Shumlin has said that it can easily be transformed in 2017.

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