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View Diary: Bush's Progressive Accomplisments (Or why your Lists of Obama's Accomplishments Don't Convince Me) (60 comments)

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  •  okay thank you :) (0+ / 0-)

    yes, i did post other things later on.  It was the "later on" things I expected a reply from and I wonder why you did not reply. I had a feeling you did not give my links legitimacy. But that was totally wrong of me to think. You do listen to other people's opinions and read carefully.

     I just wanted you to know that Vermont HAD passed legislation after all and there was a link (the one I just showed you that is geniune) that proves it.  

    Again, I apologize  for being hostile to you in my earlier comments on this diary. I will be more responsible in reading and forming opinions more thoughtfully.

    Your diary does make sense and expresses why some are feeling what they are feeling :)  

    •  no problem (0+ / 0-)

      for what it's worth, that's great about vermont.  looks like it's not single-payer yet, but that they have a roadmap to one, and I hope it turns into single-payer. a good first step, imo.

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