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View Diary: Bush's Progressive Accomplisments (Or why your Lists of Obama's Accomplishments Don't Convince Me) (60 comments)

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  •  somebody pointed that out (0+ / 0-)

    and I agree. lists pro OR con can be very deceptive.

    I've seen a lot more of the "pro-Obama" lists, including one this morning that prompted me to write this (it listed "cut taxes for the poor by extending the Bush tax cuts"), but you are correct, a similar exercise can be done the other way around, showing that the presidents generally accepted as good (FDR) did some un-progressive things (duh, internment camps!)

    •  I trust and hope you learned your lesson. (0+ / 0-)

      I read your comments/responses/critiques
      in the other story you mentioned, so I
      came to your reactionary story armed with
      the context that you already had an ax to grind.

      Aren't you lacking about 168 more attempts at
      equivocation? Did you run out of steam, or did Bush?

      While one might tentatively agree that the factual
      analysis of the respective achievements is subject
      to differing interpretations, it is a very poor frame.
      This is not a life vest, but an anchor that you have grasped.

      And so you will founder for failing to distinguish between
      that, and the emotional responses such facile and
      duplicitous examinations rightfully engenders on the
      very idea of comparing the present and former presidents.
      On a 'progressive' blog during election season.

      "Listen to/fear the left"? You were making a joke right?
      Of course, bob "we're doomed" swern gets you.
      Perhaps Yves and company would appreciate your take.

      •  wow (0+ / 0-)

        the hate is strong with this one.

        listen, what my viewpoints are on the job performance of this president is irrelevant to my point that the lists are deceptive.

        fine, you don't like me. ok great. do you have something useful to add other than disdain for me personally?

        and if you think what I did here was compare Bush and Obama then you are not paying attention. I did no such thing and there is no comparison.

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