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    The parents of kids who are bullies often know how to use those words, too. That played a part in what happened to me: one of the kids involved was in special education for learning disabilities and his parents threatened lawsuits on discrimination grounds whenever he was punished for his violent behavior. I suspect that this was a major part of why it was tolerated by school authorities who knew full well what he was up to: they feared retaliation by his parents more than they feared it from mine (my parents were divorced and my mother was going back to school full time and didn't really have the time to deal with the idiots administering my school to the degree that was needed).

    Remember that kids who are bullies usually are that way because they've learned that kind of behavior of home. Their parents, therefore, are also often adult bullies and/or master manipulators (who may have considerable skill in manipulating the school systems to their advantage, from experience). So while I certainly agree with you that parents need to STRONGLY stand up for their kids when their kids are being victimized and school authorities are turning a blind eye, I also don't think it's always as simple as just making threats and having the problem go away. There needs to be long-term accountability for the actions of adults in authority over children, including firing and criminal charges, if they fail to act to protect children under their care.

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