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  •  Even in the 1950s (15+ / 0-)

    (you know, that fantasy era where all Moms stayed at home, wore pretty dresses and pearls and heels during the day [think Father Knows Best and shows like that])
    it was mostly the rich and/or well educated whose mothers had that choice.

    I grew up in an ethnic neighborhood where almost everyone's parents, or they themselves, were first generation Americans.  Most of our grandparents immigrated from poor countries, and our parents saw two parents "working" as the only option to give their kids what they never had (a chance for a good education, a safe albeit modest home, the opportunity to not have to work in sweat shops).  My mother started working in textile factories when she was pulled out of the sixth grade.  She worked much of her life, minus her pregnancy times.  We struggled living in apartments, until finally when I was seven my parents had saved enough to buy a row house.  But my mother and most of the mothers in our row all worked.   My mother only stopped working after my sister and I finished college.

    It was a shock to me when I went to college to realize most of my peers had come from families where the moms had that choice.  But they were not immigrant families.  Most of them had Dads who went to college and moms who stayed home to raise the kids.  Seriously, I was shocked.  

    My sister got to stay home for a few short years when her kids were little but went to work to make sure they could all go to college.   That was 30 years ago and now the economy is much worse.   FEW have that choice.

    Ann Romney is as clueless as her husband if she thinks she somehow had the same choice as everyone else.

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