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View Diary: Romney Campaign to Hold Fundraiser at Home of Corrupt, Dog BBQing, "Jew Counter" (13 comments)

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  •  Maybe it's my love for my dogs, but I just find (1+ / 0-)
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    it incomprehensible how five drunk guys would come up with an idea to kill and then eat a dog.  I mean, I've been drunk once or twice, and I never, ever, had mean thoughts towards any other creature (same as when sober).  These guys not only killed a dog, but then they decided to barbecue it on a spit in a park.  I mean, sick and twisted only begins to cover the revulsion I felt reading about that.  Is that a character trait that's typical of the Republican mindset, or is it perhaps something that's common in some other type of person and I've just missed it again and again?  I mean, we read how Dubya tortured animals when he was a little boy, so the idea of cruelty to animals isn't just Malek's failing.

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