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    We should not buy into the idea that you're utterly useless to society unless you can be classified as a "worker" in some fashion.  I think that's why society tends to write off the concerns of the elderly, the disabled, and children.  Not important, because they're not "productive."  I don't think we need to find some way to equate being a mom and homemaker with selling labor to the privileged classes.  I think we need to fight the meme that selling your labor to the 1% is the only thing that gives you worth in society, and moms have that worth only to the extent that their efforts can be described as "work."  

    I also think that, once you define a mom's role as "working," it's just a slippery slope to "relocating" that work outside the home. She's already working, right?  Why not just go get a wage-earning job?  It's not like what she does at home, raising the family, is in a different category than what she could do as a fry cook at Wendy's, right?  I resist that impulse to find raising kids and homemaking as equivalent to work for the very reason that finding the equivalency destroys the justification for stay-at-home.

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    by milton333 on Thu Apr 12, 2012 at 11:37:23 AM PDT

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