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View Diary: Mitt Romney has a 'three-pronged strategy' to make women not hate him (128 comments)

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    Romney says that believes the Supreme Court should overturn Rov v. Wade.  He said that he wants to get rid of Planned Parenthood.  He supports the Blunt/Rubio ammendment.  He supports a constitutional ammendment to establish the definition of life at conception.  He is for do nothing about housing foreclosures and letting the housing market hit bottom.  He argued to let Detroit go bankrupt.  He called the withdrawl from Iraq tragic.  He said that he would repeal "Obamacare".  He said that he would veto the Dream Act.  He endoresed the Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it.  He proclaimed that corporations are people.  He said that he's not concerned about the very poor.

    There isn't a Romney strategy that is somehow going to make voters forget the GOP legislation and the Romney positions.

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