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View Diary: Mitt Romney has a 'three-pronged strategy' to make women not hate him (128 comments)

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    How will middle America view this campaign ploy?  Will they eat it up?  Family pictures of Dad and Mom and the kids are always being used by the candidates. Just look at Obama and his family at play, at work, at home.  I realize that we are at an advantage because we have all of the background information on what Romney has said and done but if I am Joe sixpack and watching tv how is this going to sway my vote.  This is the analysis I am looking for.

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      One of the sad things about politics is that Joe Sixpack already has an opinion, and he'll view whatever he sees through that microscope.

      Republicans are going to think Romney is a marvelous family man who also excels at business and, in order to get an R in the white house, they'll conveniently forget he invented the model for Obamacare.

      TANGENT: I really hope the term Obamacare sticks.  I don't understand how the country is split on whether we all deserve healthcare, but much like Social Security and Medicare, I believe Obamacare will be very popular in time and I like seeing someone I support having that as part of his legacy.  END TANGENT.

      In the end, the pundits who say this election will be decided by a small percentage of independent voters in the middle are probably right.  We on the left have our opinion.  On the right, they have theirs.  Whoever does a better job of winning the middle will win.  That being said...  I really hope republicans keep doing their anti-women garbage.  I'd LOVE to see them bounced out of office by women.  THAT would make this one magical election season.

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