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View Diary: New casualty in the War on Women: Mitt Romney (93 comments)

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    I'm not seeing that Dems are recognizing the gift that Republicans have given us here by making such a stink about Rosen.

    Consider: Ann Romney, backed by the GOP, is making the claim that Rosen attacked stay-at-home moms on the basis that they don't work. The key to point out is that YES, stay at home moms work AND, as Ann Romney said, struggle even when they don't have out of house jobs.

    Therefore, The Dem meme should be, imagine how much harder it is for WORKING women to balance jobs and work. Why then would we ever try to take away the medical, financial, and mental supports women currently have?

    If it's so difficult for Ann Romney, even with wealth and servants to help out( and presumably her husband?), imagine the difficulty for working wives and single working women!!! Therefore, Ann and the GOP make the case against their own policies.

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