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  •  until divorce or death (2+ / 0-)
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    Only Needs a Beat, WheninRome

    The same women (Stepford Wives) who have stayed within the domestic sphere for decades (with or without lowly paid domestic 'help') find out quickly that they cannot support themselves and/or their children without being married to a Sugar Daddy!

    Esp. when close (or 20 yrs.+) until retirement.

    All of those decades of non-waged domestic sphere freebie labor don't materialize in their bank accounts.

    Fuggetabout bennies, too.

    Women cannot draw a piddly half of their husband or ex-husband's Social Security, unless their marriage endured at least ten yrs.

    Furthermore, it depends upon his occupational status, earnings accrued, dependent minors in the household as well as their ages); whether anything remains on a mortgage (let's hope not); debtload, and/or the amount of the divorce settlement (if that's the case).

    It's a massively rude awakening to these so-called glorified "housewives," who are suddenly forced to face economic reality.

    Two of my childhood female peers have been widowed in their early-mid fifties; and they are hardly adjusting well at all.

    Their SES status has taken a major nosedive (to the point of no return).


    They have no marketable skillsets in the occupational waged work sector; and cannot replicate, and/or come close to his earning capacity.

    •  This is the whole issue. (3+ / 0-)
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      scribe, mainefem, schnecke21

      The SAHW and the SAHM have no economic value as expressed through our tax and benefit system. They may get half of their husbands SS benefits if he dies because.....because why? If she should die before him, he gets his entire amount.

      There is such a mixed message here. It's good if a mother and or wife stays home and keeps house but she is punished economically later on. Whether it is SS benefits or the stigma attached to her being out of the workforce and the difficulty of reentering same, the SAH work is not valued.

      This makes no sense and it isn't fair. On top of that, many of these same women are on the hook caring for parents and grandchildren, some have it all lumped on them at the same time. The government makes it so that if you take the convoluted route and work and pay someone to do these tasks then everybody is contributing, but SAH practitioners are just dust in the system with no recompense and no value. Childcare and elder care is extremely expensive because it's hard work.
      Women end up doing it for nothing and are penalized on top of it.

      If corporations are people, then women should be corporations. They should be able to file for tax purposes their uncompensated labor to establish their SS benefits.

      There's a shadow economy out there and it's not being paid or valued.

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