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  •  Thank you for this diary, (12+ / 0-)

    it's exactly what I've been thinking and feeling all day.  I'm disconcerted by the number of progressives here who have equaled the right in their intemperate remarks regarding Ms. Rosen, although for different reasons.

    Context is everything and when you read her WHOLE QUOTE, you understand what she was saying.  Yes, she did mean "work" in the paid job sense.  

    I have tried to point out on a few threads here that Hillary Rosen is a strong liberal, a smart one, and not someone who would take out after Ann Romney for the sake of it.

    The fact is, Ann Romney has become her husband's voice for dealing with the "women" issue.  And her job in the last few weeks has been to go around telling everyone that American women care about the economy, not the republicans war on their choices. So, welcome to the fray, Ann.

    When I think about the number of republican reps and pundits who have lit into Michelle Obama and it's no big deal except on liberal blogs, well...


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