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    MA Mom, concernedamerican

    Absolutely he followed Martin, on of Zimmerman's friends and neighbor on the Dr. Drew show was so adamant about his saying "Okay" to being told " we don't need you to do that" in regards to following him. As if that was all there was, all that was recorded! How can people be so blind (or deaf, as it were)? He might be his friend, but he's deaf if he can't hear how he's discussing not being able to meet at the original place stated to the 911 operator "just meet me at the mailboxes" breathing heavily, muttering to himself "where did he go?" clearly following him on foot, and losing him at some point, and then breathing even harder as he quickened his pace on the damn hunt he started - he talked his way out loud on that 911 call through most of that pursuit for crying out loud!

    Unbelievable, it's clear what he did from his own call to 911, he had no business pursuing Trayvon at all on any level, and as so many have already stated in far more eloquent and cogent terms, somehow self appointed himself with this authority as THE neighborhood watch cop that had a right to pursue a citizen while armed. What a jerk.
    I pray forensics nails this case down, already just what is heard from the calls and ear witness of Trayvon's girlfriend really tells the tale as it is, as far as I have heard. But surely they have evidence of all kinds to make this Murder 2 charge stick. I am sure we will find out soon - but just not soon enough, I am VERY curious to see everything they have discovered in this investigation.

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