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View Diary: How much will negative advertising affect Obama? (142 comments)

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  •  I'm not so worried (0+ / 0-)

    about Obama but I am worried about the down ticket local state and federal. A Democratic state rep. at a local campaign rally for our mayoral race had it right, when he said peoples bs meters are on full tilt these days. Seems how ever to be a case where all we get is bs. regardless of which party the candidate is.

    I have no idea how PAC money affects these races but I wish the party machine would start funding decent Democrat's. Name recognition alone seems to me to be key on down ticket races. Blue dogs and lot's of former Republicans seem to be painting themselves as progressives and populace Democrat's at least here in OR. I may not have a choice as far as the prez goes but I truly resent the party machine telling me that all I can get are corporate flacks, disguised as Democrat's.    

    I think most sane American's and believe it or not we are still the majority will vote for Obama. 'What choice do we have' I hear a lot from both Dems and Indies. Voters do have choices down ticket and this is where we can get better Dems. but will these candidates get the money needed to win? Or will we once again hear how moderates are the only viable winners, so even if we win we lose.    


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