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View Diary: Brilliant! Mitt Romney revives Republican war on birth control (112 comments)

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    My now very elderly dad, was the most manly man you could ever imagine.  A hunter and fisherman, a lover of sports, a man who other men liked, and he liked them.

    What does he get for his first child?  Me.  A girl!  But for my whole life, my dad wanted everything for me that he wanted for the son he later got. He NEVER once suggested to me that I should tame my dreams down because I was a female.
    In fact, the polar opposite.

    Even when my brother came along, and satisfied his guy thing, he never stopped encouraging me to go for it.  I was a lousy athlete and a huge book worm. He cheered me on as if I was captain of the basketball team.

    Yes, to truly loving fathers, daughters can be the great equalizer.  And I feel so blessed to have had one of those truly loving fathers.


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