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View Diary: Happy Birthday John Holt – “Patron Saint” of Unschooling (93 comments)

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  •  Really enjoyed this, Cooper. (1+ / 0-)
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    Holt's writing reminded me, when I first read it, of some of my best teachers, and much of his wisdom can actually inform schoolteaching, if people just back off & stop trying to re-school the teaching profession!  

    One of the satisfactions of any real work is the ripening and interweaving of skills through time. When one's work takes place in classrooms, the inherent wisdom of young people seeps through all the methods and best practices and test anxieties and other attendant b.s., and eventually, if you're lucky, you unschool yourself & let them learn what they will.  You become the guiding presence who helps them get where they need to be, by their own paths, and you reflect that and they get it,  sometimes while you know them, sometimes decades later.  When it's your own child, of course, you are more likely to enjoy the long process!

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