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  •  Regarding what they do with the money (0+ / 0-)

    Most of it goes to pay year long missionary trips abroad for every Mormon child, maybe just males, I'm not sure.  Giving 18 year olds a fully funded year abroad is a pretty laudable goal, regardless of the context.

    •  Who told you that BS? (5+ / 0-)

      The LDS Corp does not pay for missions. Families are expected to send their children abroad on their own dime (on top of college expenses!), and it's not for "just a year." It's 2 years for the males (who are all required to go) and 18 months for the females (who aren't required but many choose to go anyway).

      It's a nice dream, but not a reality.

      As for what the LDS Corp uses their billions of dollars for? Well, they just opened a new mall in downtown Salt Lake that's pretty sharp (the City Creek Center a billion dollar project) and of course there's a whole bunch of hate to spread far and wide. Prop 8 is the most high-profile example, but they've been secretly funding anti-equality initiatives for decades.

      A very very small percentage of their overall revenue goes to actual charitable causes. They could do a lot more good work in the world with "God's" money and they choose not to.

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