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View Diary: Article in The Atlantic Magazine Restores My Hope in The Progressive Movement (128 comments)

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    Ray Pensador, Pluto

    We spent the Nineties fighting the social policy wing of the Right, which was more or less the Religious Right.

    We spent the 00s fighting the antidemocratic policy wing of the Right, which are a bunch of imperialists and neocolonialists.

    Now we're engaging the plutocratic wing of the Right, the 'foundations' and profiteers and such.  If we'd read our own books and bothered to track this crowd earlier, we would have have been a lot more familiar with them.  They've been there all along.  

    The good news is that these are now pretty fully exposed and understood for what they are.  (And that is sadly little more than vanity.)  The American People is perhaps not as quick to put them to the test and dispose of them as many would like.  

    Though as a country we do have a way of using them too, if you look at the record, much as they abuse us.  Gay and nonwhite people now stand up for themselves much more fully than before, as do women.  We're willing to do liberal interventionism abroad, against dictators and warlords, but only that- not humanitarian, not imperial interventions- anymore.

    And now as a country we're being persuaded of social democracy as the Right parades the alternatives before us and establishment Democrats manifest the inviability and desirability of carrying on as we have.  Maybe Americans will even give the Right a chance to demonstrate the alternative(s) in the form of Mitt Romney.  Let's just say if that happens, the lesson that results will be so extremely clear and you won't want to be a Republican or conservative Democrat in state or federal office standing for election in 2014 or 2016.

    Though the Right will keep social democratization in tensions and doubt, under attack, for more political cycles.  Until liberals come up with the answers to the deeper problems of structural poverty and congenital ill health and incapacities.

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