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  •  My old alma mater (16+ / 0-)

    Has posted that tuition, room and board and required fees for an undergrad who is also a state resident for 2012-13 will be just a hair over $15,000.  It is the cheapest 4-year state college in my state.

    A full-time, 40 hour per week job paying $10 per hour ($2.75 above minimum wage in the state) will earn $20,600 per year before any taxes are taken out.  Even if no income taxes are paid on that, I assume with payroll taxes you'd be hard pressed to have any money left after the tuition, room and board and fees mentioned above.  Add buying books and basic school supplies into that, and basic human supplies like clothing, and God help you if you have a car (gas, maintenance and insurance costs!).  And then, God forbid you ever want to have a pizza and a beer with friends or catch a movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend.  

    In short, there is virtually no way a student can work and earn sufficient income to pay their way through college without some kind of financial assistance, unless they are immensely fortunate in what their job pays, or are sufficiently gifted to work multiple jobs and still carry a full course load and still keep their sanity.  Very, very few would fit into that category.

    The other state universities are even more expensive.

    This woman is a moron.

    •  What happens to those of us who've amassed this (3+ / 0-)

      much debt?  I had no choice. I could not get a stable job without a degree. Every non-retail company treated me with disdain for not having one.  And the retail jobs cut back my hours, laid off friends, et cetera.  I couldn't survive.

      Is my generation supposed to bear the burden of education all our lives?

      Thank you to jayden, Dr Erich Bloodaxe RN, Aji and everyone in the Daily Kos community involved in gifting my subscription and gifting others!

      by Nulwee on Sun Apr 15, 2012 at 10:52:38 AM PDT

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