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  •  UC Davis 2012-2013 (20+ / 0-)

    Estimated cost of attendance (CA resident):
    Tuition $15,992
    Basic Living $14,740
    Books and Supplies $1,602
    Total = $32,334

    •  soaring costs (4+ / 0-)

      I believe that cost is scheduled to just soar further, up to 22K in 2016.

      It really disgusts me. I'm a UCD alum, and I too faced these rounds of big hikes. Actually, the first year that I started, 1991, was a big bump, 40%. I think this is where it really started accelerating.

      This is just an absolute failure of the state universities as accessible to middle class families, much less those at lower levels of income and wealth. Which is exactly what these schools were supposed to be.

      The costs are far outside the actual costs to educate the students. What we see instead is a building boom. These buildings are paid for by collateralizing the income generated by future students.

      Now, if these buildings were needed to accommodate a growing student population, that would be one thing. Although, one can hope that we would have found a better funding solution than to just force the students to foot the whole bill. However, the new facilities are rather for doing research. Guess who are some of the main beneficiaries of research done at UC Davis? If you thought the people of the state of California, I admire your studied naivete.

      And all of this comes as the State provides less money to education, thus 'forcing' UC to look for other funding sources, like the students and large corporations. The State has to decrease funding because they have a tax shortfall. They can't increase taxes because enough of the middle class thinks that in doing so will lead to less income to them, and they're already worried about making ends meet and trying to have a little extra left over for Junior's college fund.

      UC is quasi privatized. We need to take it back

      •  U.S. of G. (1+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        Dr Stankus

        United States of Grovelers
        - that's what we're becoming.  Of the total we're responsible for $13,000 after the patchwork of Grants and Scholarships.  Never would have thought 18 years ago that we would be dependent on financial aid but between the economy and the astronomical rise in the cost of education I don't know how we could have planned.  And we have a second kid heading for college in 3 years.

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