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View Diary: Mitt Romney to mothers: Want dignity? 'You need to go to work' (237 comments)

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  •  just because you can't bring yourself to believe (3+ / 0-)
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    it, doesn't mean there isn't decades of evidence that that is exactly what they believe.

    •  wu ming, you have aimed the flashlight (0+ / 0-)

      right smack dab at the Republican record.  

      I say good for you.

      And I agree -- bad for the Republicans.  They have a now-decades-old legislative record of exclusion and discrimination.  

      It would be helpful for their rank and file to begin with Nixon's "Southern Strategy," because it is a kind of watermark for what motivates them to exclude.  

      If it's ok with rank and file Republicans to fear-monger based on race, then no wonder they're voting for people like Romney and Santorum.

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