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  •  CMA grad here (12+ / 0-)


    I worked in enginerooms for 32 years.  I ran into a couple of bullies in firsts and chiefs, but generally they didn't care who or what you were as long as a good job was done and everyone was a good shipmate.  I've been first assistant engineer and chief engineer with a wide variety of people, green, more experienced than I, surly, weird, quiet, chatty, male, female, gay, straight, married, single, married and playing around, pro-union, anti-union, religious, not, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Bahai...and nothing matters except getting the work done and either being a good shipmate or being quiet.  The only ones who got grief were those who didn't get anything accomplished by the end of the day and the troublemakers.

    Good luck with your career.  The fun comes from learning something new every day.  Advance your license as soon as you're able.

    Weird--well, there was Ziggy.  He did a good job on his watch, in charge of the engine room from noon to four and midnight to four am.  We never saw him at meals, and he had his room window covered.  On the few times we saw into his room, the only personal item we saw was an alarm clock on his desk.  Ziggy had been on the ship for seven months and requested a vacation.  He never drank except the one night after work when he was to go home the next day.  The union hall could not fill his job, Ziggy got drunk the night before, over slept, and the ship sailed away with poor Ziggy waking up to the Golden Gate Bridge passing over as the ship sailed outbound.  But he did a good job on his watch.

    •  It's an interesting industry (11+ / 0-)

      One of the things that drew me to it was "nobody sane does that".  Perfect.  Everyone out here is eccentric in one way or another.

      I have run into bullies.  The First Engineer on my commercial cruise (a tanker in the Gulf) put me through some pretty miserable hazingish stuff - I almost quit, but I stuck it out.

      NOAA has been much better.  It has its issues, of course - the folks in the air conditioned office are pretty clueless, and we get a lot of bottom-of-the-barrel mariners, but I've enjoyed it.  Almost the entire fleet is Limited Horsepower, though, so I may not be able to advance my Unlimited license very quickly.

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