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  •  College was my escape (5+ / 0-)
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    I grew up in a small town, and attended Catholic School K-12.  I was bullied pretty much from 4th grade through senior year of HS.  One of the things that hurt most was that my older brother, who was a year ahead of me at school, was one of the 'popular' kids and joined in with the bullying.  It was rarely physical, but emotionally very upsetting.  It was a large part of why I escaped into books, and was very introverted the first half of my life.

    When the time came to look at colleges, my main criteria was a college that no one else from my class was applying to. Thankfully I found one that was in state and willing to offer me a scholarship.  Living on campus, around an entirely new set of people who didn't know me or my history, made a huge difference.  Within a month or so, I started making friends and started to learn to be comfortable with myself. It began the healing process.  

    Today I am a far different person than the hurt little girl that had been bullied.  But I can still remember and feel her pain and self doubts from time to time.

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