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  •  Reminded me of my own past. (0+ / 0-)

    I now think back envision that everyone had their own problems during the early teens. That may be true but there is a night and day difference between between the experiences of the bullies and the truly bullied.

    Thinking back I ask myself how someone who is me, a now proud ex semi star athlete (during high school) and highly capable person such as myself gets into such a situation.

    I think now that bullying can happen to anyone. But at the time I did have my weaknesses. I have a minor medical condition which may have played a roll, and I was not particularly good with words at that time in my development.  

    The people that were my enemies ( I would still call them that today) used words to though their proverbial punches. They enjoyed it I did not really care to return the volleys. I did not enjoy the feeling of putting others down and they did; so I was at a disadvantage.

    The feeling that I remember most was the feeling of not being able to fight back. I am a bigger guy and more than capable of defending myself physically.  

    I would have liked nothing more than to be allowed to strike back at the garbage who gave me crap.  However any as the articles and movie point out. It is often the bullied who gets the punishment.

    For me it was worth it a few. When id finally stand up for myself id spend a few days in ISS or OSS (in/out of school suspension). Following this the bullies would leave me alone for a few weeks until their wounds healed.

    But I didnt want that. I wanted to be the kid with strait A's etc so once again I was at a disadvantage.  They had nothing to loose and they enjoyed the conflict.

    This experience has shaped many of my views.

    1) I noticed that the people who were the biggest bullies  were....stupid?

    They had no future then and just recently I looked up a few of them.... Guess what they are doing nothing with their lives...

    This really has made me feel that some people don't deserve an education. From a rather early (at least middle school)  It is very evident that some "students" have no potential. They are just dragging everyone else down by being bullies and general distractions.

    My response to this is that there REALLY needs to be a way to get this kind of student out of the system.

    2) Some teachers a good. Others a crap.  I had some teachers who were good. They did not let bullying go on. They were smart and helped students learn.

    I never had a life changing teacher but o well some people do, so kudos to them

    But there here were also MANY teachers who should have been fired. I have many teachers in my family, my mother is a teacher and my girlfriend is a teacher of sorts.

    But when teachers get together and the unions say they are doing a good job policing themselves and that only a small fraction of teachers need firing...

    My personal experience and reading from others around the world.

    I estimate it at around 25% of teachers simply do not have control over their classrooms.  

    In my own little history I think back.  If only I were allowed to fight back I and not get unjustly punished my bulling would have never started.

    This is true but I realize not everyone has that physical or mental ability.

    I think back to one kid who went to school with me in particular.

    The kid was mentally retarded and smallish.

    He was physically pushed around and really would not have been able to do anything about it.

    The last I ever heard about him was something that made the papers in my hometown.

    Some older kids basically made the kid of sex with mud.

    Not the worst story I have ever heard but I think the poor kid had to go to another school after that due to embarrassment .

    I think the bastards  actually got some real punishment from that one...finally.

    Long storry sorry sorry. But my point I guess is that there are a million and 1 things that you can do to prevent bullying.

    But you cant.

    But what you can do is REALLY punish the bullies.  

    What needs to be done is to simply take the true bullies out of the education system.

    I dont care what you do with them. Give them their own school, send them to jail at 13 let them live off the streets.

    It does not matter they will not amount to anything any way. Even if they did their success is not worth the torment of their peers.

    and they just make life hard for the rest of us.

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