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View Diary: Bundle or Nothing: Big Telecoms ENDING Universal Phone Service (306 comments)

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  •  Are We Really Forcing People Back To Shortwave (1+ / 0-)
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    Brown Thrasher

    If you live in a rural area what are you going to do for communication? Other than shortwave radio, you're fucked. Even that may have problems if you live in very hilly country. You can bounce a signal off the upper atmosphere and talk to someone half-way around the world, but not be able to call the  sheriff two miles away. Line of sight and all that.

    The other alternative is rural areas setting up their own telephone exchanges. If all you are providing is basic service, a rural exchange using party-lines is the best option.

    I wonder about the imagined self-importance of the sleazy politicians who allowed their vote to be bought. When somebody's grandmother dies up in the mountains, it's going to get a little hot for some of these assholes.

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