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View Diary: With billion-dollar settlement, Obama administration again makes good on its promises to Indians (61 comments)

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  •  Ok... help me understand this... (7+ / 0-)

    The original lawsuit for mismanagement of the trust account and the GIVEAWAY to oil companies (on purpose)  was only worth a few billion, right?  I always thought it would be a lot more.  When they say "mismanagement" it means that they didn't write checks or distribute to oil companies, they didn't charge them what they were supposed to pay for using tribal land to drill oil.  Is that correct?  That case has been appealed.  Who appealed it?  The government on behalf of oil companies?  Will the money be paid by the oil companies or from the Trust fund?  I suppose they stole from that.  Is there enough to make payments, as owed for how many years?  

    Another question:  what about the people responsible for the Trust, i.e., who are they, who were they, and will there be any criminal charges, or just money?

    I hope they bankrupt the US Treasury and pay every single penny they stole or allowed the oil companies to steal from the tribes.    And I don't want to hear one word from the damn Republicans about deficits!  

    Then this one today is for the same mismanagement of the trust funds, right?  This is settled and the money will be transferred to the tribes, right?

    Will the tribes disburse the money to the individuals, or will the tribes hold it?  How will these wins impact Pine Ridge and others that are in such dire need?  Are they waiting for the money so they can put it back into infrastructure, housing and education?  Will individual members receive money for improvements in their ranches, their herds, etc.?

    What a tragedy.  How far back did they attempt to investigate the crimes?  Can you imagine a government agency that couldn't even track its own accounting system?  Scary.

    Well, congratulations INDIAN COUNTRY... now what about the Black Hills?


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