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View Diary: With billion-dollar settlement, Obama administration again makes good on its promises to Indians (61 comments)

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  •  I think (s)he was saying that some groups of (3+ / 0-)

    voters are particularly vulnerable to efforts at suppression.  So we have to be particularly alert to suppression efforts aimed at those groups, because they are particularly vulerable.

    It's like:  Every fatal car accident is equally tragic.  But if 30% of the fatal accidents in your whole town happen at two intersections, you have to pay particular attention to those intersections.

    Republicans want to suppress Democratic votes in general.  But they do that by aiming at particular groups.  I'd say that black people and Indians are among the most intensely targetted, because their pro-Dem percentages are so high, and because they're often concentrated in specific areas, allowing for the use of tactics like "caging," etc.  So suppression of the black vote should get a lot of attention, and especially in states wehre the Indian population is higher (and often concentrated), suppression of the Indian vote should get a lot of attention.

    Another highly targetted group: students, who are especially vulnerable through ID laws.

    --------------- --------------- --------------- "Every part of you belongs to you." -- from a story of Virginia under the Personhood law. Read it here.

    by Fiona West on Mon Apr 16, 2012 at 02:45:52 PM PDT

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