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View Diary: Ann Romney welcomes 'attacks' as long as she can milk them for all they're worth (122 comments)

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  •  When Romney ran against Ted Kennedy, (7+ / 0-)

    the Boston Globe ran what at first people thought was a puff piece interview with Ann Romney. (I lived in Belmont at the time where the Romneys lived — in the most mormon-dense area east of the Mississippi, and it remains so — but I digress.)

    Anyway, at first all the mormons were delighted with the piece, and it took them about two days to finally figure out what a devastating bit of truly revealng journalism it was. Money quote was Ann explaining how while she and Mitt were at BYU, they were so "poor" that they sometimes had to sell off some of Mitt's stock to survive.

    —No, really, she said that. And her having done so, I believe, materially contributed to Mitt's failure in unseating Ted.

    See, it's the absolute incomprehension that is the kicker for me where Romney is concerned (both Romneys). OK, maybe at BYU they got to pretend that they were struggling students. But both came from rich families. If they'd wanted to stop pretending, they could have asked for and received money from their families at any time. Neither Ann nor Mitt had to work part-time while students (unlike so very many students at BYU and at colleges and universities all across the country). Neither had to take out student loans (less onerous at BYU, at least for mormon students, but still = debt at the end).

    They do not personally have any eensy little teeny-tiny clue  what it is like to be broke and struggling and not have any resources to turn to. Nada. Zilch.

    And then Romney goes ahead and endorses the Ryan plan. Frankly, given what I was taught growing up as a mormon, I honestly fail to understand how he or any other mormon could possibly support such heartless bullshit. It runs counter to so many scriptures and teachings, but as ever, money trumps all. Mon frickin' Dieu.

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